February 09, 2009


Never give up of nothing you are trying to do,
specialy if you guess your are going bad.
To give up,reforce one sensation of
incompetence.To insist,bring one success
promisse! G.W.

Angels in heaven!

Along time ago,in northest are of Brazil
called Porto Real do Colégio in Alagoas Brazil!!!
There was a place in which we went to work,
and some people bodies has found around this
Cross road,in that day three bodies it was lying
to be a food of the ground and grass.
The Police ,the Firemen and other responsable
for the place never appear to check who they
was!But ! when the night falls there,one angel
come to rescue them,on this photo is very clear
his comming!.....and if God will sant his angels,
And if God will sent all Sants!!!!Where do we go!
"God bless all losted souls around the world!"
Ed - in somewhere in the pass of year 2000...