November 22, 2008

Sometimes people see us looking to the space ,losted ,prisioner of some thinking,in which our mind are envolved by memories,of some thing good or bad! Or with somebody!
Ed Smith


"For how long we will keep us so far? How much time is necessary hang all this sadness in side of this heart?
I could share so sweet moments with you ,here by my side,I could make you so happy,but you decide keep us apart from one each other.
The worse is it ,do not know what makes you go away.
The moments has been so short."
...So ! our world is not made just by material,but by heart things ,too!
I think I can say that right now there are many people with the same feeling passing by them minds!
Are we all conected by this link of suffering?
I guess so!

November 21, 2008

Campanha Santa Casa - Doação de Orgãos


My songs! Why go so Far! By Ed.

This song I made when the only

one thinking was on my mind,

try and do it only thinks

to be happy and have peace of mood!

Let´s talk about what for most people,is too much scared and unbelievable! Maybe you can think that you´re just dreaming,when,maybe much more is happening while you are sleeping!
Vamos falar a respeito do que para a maioria da pessoas.é muito assustador e inacreditável! Talvez você possa pensar que você esta apenas sonhando,quando talvez muito mais esteja acontecendo enquanto você esta dormindo!

A world of energy...Um mundo de energia...

Our world have so much power that we can use for thousand years,which the only thing that we could creat is the way to take control of all this energy.
Our cientists ,maybe have the way....then why they don´t take one step ahead? Let´s think about it?
Nosso mundo tem tanta energia que nós podemos usar por milhares de anos,que a a unica coisa que poderiamos criar,é a maneira d econtrolar toda esta energia.
Nossos cientistas.talvez teem o modo...entãopor que eles não dão um passo afrente?Vamos pensar a respeito?

This is our World...Este é nosso Mundo...

This is our World...

...our dear Planet...the birht of all our imagination,and knowledge!

We are just passing by,in fact!But we don´t need to leave our garbage,for anyone which,come to be the next generations,being them our children or whatever that come to be mutant.

We need desacelerate our rithem without leave to evolue,being spiritualy or materialy.

We need to show it to our neighborhood( Differents Folks)and governments,that everything is possible,since generate energy self sustained and alternative ,until we come to know it what we still don´t understand it.

Thanks for everyone, to those which had be considerated crazy or insane to believe that we never were alone,in the many of Gods place.

Este é nosso Mundo...

...nosso querido Planeta ...o berço de toda nossa imaginação e conhecimento!

Estamos de passagen,de fato! Mas nem por isso precisamos deixar nosso lixo ,para qualquer que sejam as próximas gerações,sejam elas de nossos filhos e ou o que quer que venha a ser mutado.

Precisamos desacelerar nosso ritimo sem deixar de evoluir,seja espiritualmente e ou materialmente.

Precisamos mostrar a nossos vizinhos( diferentes povos) e governos,que tudo é possivel,desde gerar energia sustentável e alternativa até conhecermos o que ainda não entendemos.

Obrigado a todos! Aos que tenham sido considerados loucos e ou insanos por acreditar que nunca estivemos só,nas varias moradas de Deus.